Athletes’ results on the Ironman Hawaii 2018


End clap on the WCS Ironman Hawaii 2018!


Congratulations to all the athletes followed by GUTAÏ who completed their race:-)

In chronological order of arrival :

Guillaume GILLODTS, 9:05:02, 11ème M40-44, 134ème overall (/2378 returnees)
Sébastien RODRIGUEZ, 9:19:47, 63ème M30-34, 260ème overall
Romain CHRISTE, 9:40:29, 45ème M45-49, 493ème overall
Stéphane BERNARD, 9:46:50, 88ème M40-44, 562ème overall
Edouard TIRET, 9:54:50, 71ème M25-29, 660ème overall
Alexandre FLORIMOND, 9:56:16, 141ème M35-39, 675ème overall
Xavier PHILIPPE, 10:05:10, 135ème M40-44, 781ème overall,
Laurie CANAC, 10:21:21, 12ème W25-29, 99ème W (/662 incoming), 945ème overall
Candice MIZON, 10:28:56, 26ème W30-34, 133ème W, 1041ème overall
Olivier HENZ, 10:25:21, 151ème M45-49, 999ème overall
Nelly WOJTANSKI, 12:12:36, 4ème W60-64, 416ème W, 17770ème overall

Once again, congratulations!!!!! Now it’s time for recovery before returning to training.


To know more about their training: GUTAÏ-TRAINING & GUTAÏ-COACHING