Why choose GUTAÏ – TRAINING?

Here we are taking a step forward in terms of training quality. For one simple reason: we ourselves take care of organizing the training plan that suits you. Are you training to improve? Do you have a clear objective in mind? Whatever it is, from 8 to 24 weeks, from running to triathlon, we want to help you reach it! Here are more details.




All GUTAÏ training plans (2.0) are based on the concept of “periodization”. This consists of building your weeks into blocks of different intensities in order to maximize your body’s adaptations to exercise. Thus the initial test period, that of overload, recovery or tapering, are all designed with a view to improving.




This is the essential criteria to reach your best level… Indeed, we do not prepare the same way for a marathon and a half, if we have 6 or 16 hours of training per week, or if the competition is close or distant. With GUTAÏ-TRAINING, you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.




Quesaco?! Marginal gains are the factors annexed to training that act on your body to promote your level of performance. Spontaneously, we think about nutrition, sleep or weight training, but all the factors of daily life are in fact concerned. It is therefore not meaningless if you find in GUTAÏ-TRAINING nutritional advice.


We told you in our philosophy, we want to give you access to a high-quality training: personalized, intelligent, and reasonable. And we do everything we can every day to open new doors. Besides, you are the ones who talk about it the best (see the forum)….



BECAUSE IT STARTS AT 19.90€ /month!

Less than 1€ per day for a GUTAÏ training plan, meaning that your training sessions will be profitable. Because it is undeniably important to have good equipment, good shoes, or a good combination, everything will only make you better if you have the right sessions!


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