Why choose GUTAI – COACHING?

It is GUTAÏ’s most advanced package. Better than a training plan! Better than nutritional or material advice! The COACHING package is all this and more, because you are personally supervised by Karoly SPY (coach) and Cyril SCHMIT (sport scientist) in your quest of progress. Here are more details.




While the GUTAI-TRAINING pack offers a first step towards this individualisation by taking into account your competition formats, weeks, volumes and training conditions, you will find here a tailor-made option. In other words, the sessions are adjusted to your availability, updated according to your state of fatigue, redefined if you plan a secondary objective. All the caring of a coach applied to your daily life.





It is normal to recognize the profile and background of your coach. In many ways at GUTAÏ, the skills complement each other. Here are the ones that build your training programs, from planning to analysis:


Karoly SPY
. He has >20 years of experience in endurance sports and holds the Federal Diploma of Triathlon Coach (BF4), a STAPS – Sports Training Licence and a University Diploma in Physiological Evaluation and Physical Preparation. These complementary formations are propitious to a theoretical and practical approach.

After having been a Technical Advisor in Triathlon for 7 years, Karoly created KS-Training in 2012, motivated by a global approach of performance (training, load, nutrition, biomechanics,…). Giving particular importance to biochemistry and the body’s cellular response in response to training stress, he is responsible of the training part with athletes. (more)

. After a certification as a professor of PE, Cyril completed a Master’s degree in Human Movement Sciences and then in Sports Cultures. He then led his PhD at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP), a breeding ground for top-level sport in France.

During his work, he focused his interest on exercise in hot environments, the relationship between physical exercise and the brain, and the phenomenon of overreaching (published research). At the same time, Cyril had the opportunity to work with several athletes, coaches and federations for the 2016 Olympic Games, including the French Triathlon Federation. (more)



The 2018 GUTAÏ-COACHING season, it is currently 7 qualified for the Hawaii World Championships, 3 qualified for Nice 2019, or an 11th place on the Ironman Frankfurt for a 23 year old boy. Just for triathlon… So, are you ready to break your records?





It is important for some, optional for others. Human contact can indeed occupy a key place in training. We give you the opportunity to take advice, or simply an opinion, on an issue in your preparation. Because a training choice sometimes depends on details, so let’s take advantage of it… #EVERYDETAILCOUNTS




Great Candice, you’ve made it through this session! It was not easy as your RPE shows, yet your cardiac drift suggests that your body was well prepared for this type of effort. So it’s very encouraging for Vichy in two weeks. In the meantime, tomorrow is a light bike. Well done again and keep going!


BECAUSE IT’S ONLY 129,90€ /month!

We are here on a very reasonable quality/price ratio… Why? If you have gone through the 4 BASIC, PREMIUM, TRAINING and COACHING packs, then the cumulation of the training make sense of the answer. Sessions, analysis, regulation, advice, follow-up, nutrition, competition,… all of this at hand.



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