L.AMIRAULT : last race of the season


Lucas is in Coaching with GUTAÏ, for a little more than a year now. This weekend, he was present at the IM in Barcelona to conclude the season. Feedback on this colourful event.



Coach Feedback:

Nice performance by Lucas Amirault compared to the particular context of IM Barcelona!

Lucas validates his progress in running with a marathon in 3:02:33 despite a big fall on his bike that made him lose time on this segment (about 15-20′) but also on the pedestrian part because of hip and knee pain.

By posing the bike 45th, far from his ambitions, he still managed to stay focused and gain 19 places. Under these conditions, the overall time of 8:56:29 is satisfactory for this 23-year-old athlete.

We continue the work for 2019!!!!!


Lucas Feedback:

A black race to finish the year 2018, I was hoping to finish my year on a good note.
From the very first meters I knew I was not in a good day, a very far outing and it is the group and the race that takes off. I rode 95% alone, I remained concentrated all the same but a heavy fall at km140 permanently sunk me.
Touched on the whole left side and mainly on the hip and knee, I still managed to put the bike down and started the marathon in pain. 3h02 to finish this marathon, far from what I expected from the sessions I had done.
A counter-performance, there are days when there is no performance. Sport is often severe when you try to devote yourself totally to it, yesterday I was not rewarded.
Now I will take care of myself and hopefully this weekend I will be at the French Club Cup with the Sannois Franconville Triathlon – TSF to finish my season with the friends.

I hope that 2019 will bring me some nice surprises and that I will find the time to devote myself much more to my preparation.
Thanks to Karoly Spy and GUTAÏ for trusting me, we still have work to do but I will do my best for our goal.
Not to mention the equipment sponsors without whom I could not calmly practice this sport with the greatest pleasure.

GIANT Notre dame CeramicSpeed Zipp Speed Weaponry
Tsf Sannois Franconville
@les vêtements gautier

We’ll meet in 2019 for a good season, I hope.


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