From data to data analysis.

The innovation in Gutaï, it is our ambition to make a cross-reference of ALL your training data to give them meaning and better understand them.

The challenge behind an intelligent analysis of your data, it is to be able to determine your state of form with reliability, to adjust your training schedule and allow you to arrive on the D-day in the best conditions.

To do this, we have developed several features based on complementary measures, such as your Wellness, your feeling of effort (RPE) or the HRR test. These indicators are simple, reliable and we couple them with artificial intelligence so that you don’t have to do anything... Just to train.


Intelligent training

Training is a personal matter.
Your optimal training is not necessarily the same for others. Pedalling faster, running further, swimming longer is not the best solution... Your solution is unique. Because your body is unique. With its strong points. Its weaknesses. And its reactions.

Gutaï analyses your capacities and the way you train in the smallest details (see the featuresfuncionalidades) to define how your body works and the training that best suits it.
At Gutaï, we believe that it is not up to your body to adapt to your training: Gutaï adapts your training to your body.

Because being well prepared does not mean being exhausted. Or getting injured. Being well prepared means getting your body in condition. The best conditions. To ensure that you achieve your goal.

Personalized. Intelligent. And reasonable. This is our concept of training. And the Japanese culture from which “GUTAÏ” is inspired sums it up well: “Gu” for the body, “Taï” for the instrument.
“Gutaï”, therefore, is your body as a measuring instrument. And the measure at the service of your performance!


An adventure. In the service of your objective.

GUTAÏ’s origins are very close to the field, in the coach-athletes relationship, where ideas sometimes turn into projects... It was indeed during an innocuous camp in 2015 that the idea of a training software was born between Karoly SPY and several of his triathletes. The idea grows in this climate of passionate people and, together, they initiate a company: in June 2016, Innov-Training is created.

The following weeks see the team grow. Technical and scientific skills adhere to the project, the bases of development begin and, in 2017, a first application is launched: Gutaï coach. It is intended for coaches, aims for efficiency and promotes sessions that are easily designed and automatically analyzed.

The technicality of the product pleases, it’s great! Logically then, the question of an opening arises: “Why not make this automatic analysis and training knowledge directly accessible to athletes?" The seed is planted, time will do the rest...

The Athlete version of Gutaï is therefore still a young application today. Young, but available! Indeed, our first wish was to give you access to GUTAÏ’s features, take advantage of your feedback (see the facebook forum) and optimize the tool. Your training tool! Updates are therefore regular, performances are present, and the future is promising. The question remains for us to answer: «Now, what is the next step...? »


The added value of this application can quickly be seen: giving meaning to all training data. With GUTAÏ we now know what we’re doing, where we’re going and why!

GUTAÏ’s main mission is to automatically analyze the data related to our state of form. The point is obvious: a training plan that makes it possible to exclude important states of fatigue.