LIVE TEST : 8 weeks training plan for half-marathon

Fabrice Fy, 46 years old, father of two children, manages Nature & Compagnie, a company of 35 employees specialized in organic & gluten-free food… And takes on the challenge of running the half-marathon in La Rochelle in 8 weeks!

After a very difficult 2017 with a tendon injury, 2018 was the year of recovery with many extra kilos. In July, he participated in the tour stage. A calvary with a random preparation….

To mark this year of recovery, Fabrice has decided to add a challenge: the half-marathon in La Rochelle, on November 25. We have chosen to help him in his approach


> Gutai: Have you ever followed a running plan?

> Fabrice Fy: Yes, I used various plans collected from different magazines and on the net… But the plan proposed by the Gutai application seems to me to be much more precise and complete than any plan I have tested so far. I look forward to getting started because I really like interactivity and should be able to progress faster.

> Gutai: We’re a few days away from the first week of your training plan…. What state of mind are you in? Not too stressed? Impatient?

> Fabrice Fy: I am both stressed and eager to embark on a training plan. It’s really motivating! More than just a plan! I really hope to reap the benefits of my work in 8 weeks on the roads of this beautiful city that is La Rochelle.


The presentation is done. Fabrice’s “adventures” will be followed throughout his preparation until D-Day. Far from the high level, Fabrice simply wants to reach the best possible personal level on the D-day thanks to the 8-week half-marathon training plan.

Fabrice will start training on October 1st… See you next week for a look back at his first week of training!