Choose your bike tests according to your objectives

Defining its intensity zones in each training condition (indoor, flat or uphill) is an important element of your progress but also a source of motivation by performing the sessions in good conditions.

However, it can be complicated to perform all the tests due to lack of time or in relation to the emotional difficulty and high stress generated by the execution of the tests.

We will present you several solutions to avoid the accumulation of tests while remaining in the effectiveness.

Solution 1: Choose your tests according to the course of the event 

It is criteria n°1 which should guide you in the choice of your tests. Getting as close as possible to the specifics of the objective is an important key to preparation that will allow you to perform!

  • Event on flat course

    • You can realize that the performance test on 60′ @maximum power.
    • For Full or Half format specialists, it is even the preferred test that will give you the best indications.
  • Event on hilly course
    • To develop the right power in the climbs and not to put you in the red, which could be harmful to the realization of the pedestrian course, it is necessary to know your profile power time in climb. We advise you to carry out the maximum tests on 5′ and 20′.
    • As a race is never completely climbing but there are also flat phases, it will be necessary to carry out the 60′ @maximum power test in parallel.

Solution 2: Choose your tests according to your training conditions 

  • You train essentially on Home-Trainer during the week so the maximum tests on 5′ and 20′ are essential to be on quality rather than quantity.
  • You live in a relatively flat or slightly hilly area, in this case we recommend that you simply perform the test on 60′ @ maximum power.
  • You live in a hilly area so find a climb between 3 and 6% slope (% optimal for a good ratio between strength and velocity) then perform the maximum tests over 5′ and 20′ to get your drive powers uphill.

Solution 3: Perform tests during a training session

You’d like to run all the tests but you’re afraid of missing workouts. The solution is simple, you can perform a workout by integrating a test phase inside.

  • Example : 3*20′ Z2 including one of the 3 @maximum power / 6*5′ uphill including one of the 6 @maximum power

Now you have all the maps in hand to define your intensity zones according to your constraints, your desires and your objectives! And don’t forget, be #EveryDetailCounts 😉