Powerful or Endurant: calculate your endurance index to progress!

In long-distance sports (triathlon, trail, marathon, cyclosport events, etc.), VO2max*, MAP** or MAS*** are often referred to as essential references for endurance performance. These references that may be of interest for training are only one piece of the puzzle and cannot explain the endurance performance as a whole. Indeed, athletes with an identical MAP or[…]

Recalculate your intensity zones

  An athlete’s fitness level varies over the season, that’s normal! If GUTAÏ detects your progress to automatically update your areas of increasing intensity, this is not the case when you have a temporary drop in your performance. The reason is simple! An improvement in performance is easily identifiable while a decrease in performance is[…]

Choose your bike tests according to your objectives

Defining its intensity zones in each training condition (indoor, flat or uphill) is an important element of your progress but also a source of motivation by performing the sessions in good conditions. However, it can be complicated to perform all the tests due to lack of time or in relation to the emotional difficulty and[…]