Analyze your training sessions to optimize them

How to train for a race? How to prepare a triathlon? How to make a training plan? Everything goes through the analysis of your sessions.


Two similar training sessions can place different constraints on your body. The Gutaï intensity crosses the parameters of your training to determine the different levels of constraint.

Let’s take the example of a cycling session of 10*5′ @91-105% critical power/ r 1′ @55-75% critical power, which was performed twice by the same athlete at 2 different times:


– Below is the Gutai intensity of session 1. This session was accompanied by a major effort that no longer allowed the body to recover during the counter exercise phases from the 7th interval. The athlete remains in Zone 4 without going down.


– Below is the Gutai intensity of session 2. The session was better tolerated, with more qualitative and marked recovery periods during the counter exercise phases. The last two intervals have put more strain on the body, which can be an interesting thing in the proper execution of the exercise.


This type of cross-analysis does not only determine whether the session was engaging. It also recalls that the same training can prove useful for the athlete (session 2) or, conversely, lead to significant fatigue which is not necessarily a guarantee of better quality (session 1).

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