Aïto your free training diary

GUTAI was introduced in its Beta version in December 2017. Since then we have been working daily to provide the best possible experience. Thanks to the feedback from our users, we were able to adapt the GUTAÏ offer so that each athlete could find his way around by proposing 4 differents formulas:

  1. Aïto (free) : Real training diary to centralize all your sessions and analyze them while following the evolution of your load. A detailed presentation below.
  2. Senshi (9,90€/ month) : We offer you to become your own training artisan by creating your own programs thanks to our bank composed of +700 typical sessions. It is also a day-to-day follow-up of your training status to determine if you are in a progression, stabilization or fatigue phase. A detailed presentation will be proposed soon.
  3. Training 2.0 (starting from19,90€/ month) : These are pre-designed training programs, adapted to your own training intensities, depending on the preparation time you wish (8 to 24 weeks) and your training volume. The programs are designed specifically for all athletes wishing to optimize their preparation to achieve their goals and/or push their limits. A detailed presentation will be proposed soon.
  4. Coaching (starting from 89,90€/ month) : This time you have a real trainer who follows you, designs your programs and analyzes your sessions using GUTAÏ and its big computing power. A detailed presentation will be proposed soon.

What Aïto brings you

On your homepage you will find a summary of the sessions you have completed, the evolution of your training load in relation to your Wellness index and your training volume for the current week.


In your training calendar, offering a weekly or monthly view, you will find all your training sessions.

You can comment on each training session and put in your RPE effort difficulty index that will allow you to quantify your own training load.

Analyse your training sessions at a glance thanks to the GUTAÏ Intensity (example of a 10*5′ Z2 CP session) and consult its various statistics.

Your intensities are automatically calculated in each condition (flat, climb, indoor) according to the evolution of your performances.

Follow the evolution of your time volume or kilometres overall or for each discipline in day, week, month, year. You can also compare different periods.

Your training load in GUTAÏ – Aïto version – is calculated according to your own feeling between the wellness and the perception of effort (RPE) after each session. You can easily follow its evolution and compare it on different periods.

Plan your competitions, your training courses, your holidays or follow the evolution of your injuries in a simple and fast way.

Aïto supports you daily in your training and allows you to centralize all your data on a single platform.

Register now : https://apps.gutai.training/login

It’s free so enjoy it!!! 🙂