3 April 2018



In Japan, GUTAÏ is a movement-art of performance whose meaning is: the body as a measuring instrument (“Gu” for the instrument and “Taï” for the body). We have transposed the philosophy of this movement to make it a unique application for performance in endurance sports.

GUTAÏ takes into account the objective data of your session (speed, power, heart rate, slope, weather…) to cross them with your subjective data (difficulty perceived during your effort, wellness index). This crossing makes it possible to understand the reaction of your body to the exercise and thus shows that our approach is aligned with the meaning of the word GUTAÏ.



More than a slogan “Every Detail Counts”, GUTAÏ is also a training philosophy. It consists in understanding and mastering all the parameters of the athletes’ preparation in order to accompany them in their quest for performance. For this, we have integrated Artificial Intelligence into GUTAÏ in order to analyze every detail of your preparation. We have added our technical and scientific experience to make your training unique. Your training is unique because your body is unique!

The GUTAÏ team is composed of experts (coach, sport-scientist, data-scientists, engineers…) who have created together the different algorithms based on more than 500 published scientific studies.

GUTAI innovates and reinvents itself every day to make endurance athletes better.