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Every athlete has a specific goal. Gutaï's mission is to help you train better by taking into account every detail of your preparation: from training to nutrition.
5.13%: this is the performance improvement observed for athletes using GUTAÏ.

Reach your own goal : half-distance triahlon ? Full ? Use our automated and personalized training plan

Choose a customized and automated training program by choosing the objective you are preparing. See more details.

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Every athlete is unique: choose the plan that suits you best.
All our packs are non-binding!


Training monitoring


  • Carnet d'entrainement
  • Gutaï Intensity
  • Wellness
  • Calculation of the training load


Training planification and analysis


/ month
  • Pack AÏTO
  • + 550 pre-etablished training sessions
  • + Create your training plan
  • Automatized intensities
  • + Nutritional recommendations
  • + State of form analysis
  • + Recommendations of training session
  • + Performance profile
  • + Training periodization
  • + Weekly summaries

Training 2.0

Automated training plans

From €19.90

/ month
  • Planification spécifique pour votre objectif
  • + Training plan from 8 to 24 weeks
  • + Choice of competition
  • + Selection of training preferences
  • intensités calculées et réajustées automatiquement
  • State of forme analysis
  • (Français) Analysez vos séances rapidement avec précision
  • Suivi de votre état de forme
  • Profil de performance
  • Calcul de la charge d'entraînement


Suivi par les experts


/ month
  • Personal training plan
  • Personalized training analysis
  • Program readjustment
  • Recommandations nutritionnelles avant, pendant et après-séance
  • Utilisation des gains marginaux pour renforcer votre progression
  • Suivi de votre charge d'entraînement et de votre état de forme
  • Réajustement de votre programme selon l'évolution de votre état de forme
  • Suivi de votre progression pour définir l'entraînement qui vous correspond le mieux


The only app in the world to cross-reference your Wellness scores, your perceived exertion, your training and environmental data to analyze your performance. The integrated artificial intelligence generates your own statistics, allows a follow-up at the T-moment and over time. Gutaï is the first app to give you a hand on your training program and make it evolve according to your current fitness level.

Gutaï Intensity

All your efforts at a glance.

Performance profile

Your best performances by discipline and condition.

Training schedule

Be the master of your training by using the suggested typical weeks, readjusting at your convenience!

Automatized intensity

GUTAÏ automatically calculates your best training intensities.


You can now take into account your mood, stress, fatigue, muscular sensations, quality of sleep to interpret your training.

Training load

A personal and regular follow-up of your state of form.

Personal best

One course, many efforts…One record.

Our team

They help us every day in the research & development of GUTAÏ.

Daily use

On a daily basis, Gutaï is very easy to use... Within seconds, the app becomes your perfect sparring partner!
1. your wellness

20 seconds to gauge your morning sensations, see how you assimilate your training load or if extra-sporting factors affect you. The Wellness is the first useful step in your training day!

2. Training

Go training, as usual…. But with a precious help: the detail. Because you can now differentiate your intensities on the flat and uphill, but also because you will know what nutritional intakes to adopt before, during and after the session.

3. Perception

After training: RPE! Estimate the difficulty of your session in your report, on a scale from 1 to 10: hard? light? This measure is essential since it is subjective and only you know your feelings… RPE : Rate of Perceived Exertion

4. Gutaï intensity

Once your RPE completed, the analyses! The “Gutaï intensity” is displayed, enough to visualize in 1 second your effort. Artificial intelligence crosses your data (speed, cadence, HR, slope, weather,…) with your feeling ones.


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