For the coach:
With its easy to use, automatic interface, Gutaï helps you monitoring, gaining time and accuracy, and training your athletes.

For the athlete:
Step by step, day after day, Gutaï records and analyses every detail in order to allow the athlete to achieve new feats.


    For the coach and his/her athlete, Gutaï offers an intelligent analysis of the training based on...
    The segmentation of the athlete's pacing according to the inclination of the slope,
    A cross-analysis of exercise, environmental and cardiac data:the Gutaï intensity,
    A comparison over time of training sessions, tests and races.

    Each athlete is unique. With Gutaï, his/her performance profile:
    Is defined automatically in each discipline and after each training,
    Adapts to environmental conditions
    (home-trainer vs. outdoor, type of soil, inclination of the slope),
    Origins the calculation of training intensity zones,
    Allows progress tracking.

    Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms based on current scientific recommendations and a long field experience, Gutaï offers the athlete and his/her coach...
    A cross-analysis of specific training data (HR, HRR, RPE ...) for an unequalled monitoring,
    A follow-up of the athlete's adaptation to the training load and of his/her state of Wellness,
    Personalized recommendations to maximize marginal gains,
    A detailed report of the training analysis results.

    Gutaï is a revolutionary tool for coaches
    Alert system in the event of excessive variation of the athlete's training load,
    Simplification of the training creation process :week-type selection, drag-and-drop of sessions, automatic calculation of training intensities in relation to the athlete's performance profile.
    Time saving x10!
    Full visibility in real time of the athlete's availability.


Whether you are a Coach or Athlete, use Gutaï for free for 1 month before subscribing.

Simple pricing for coaches (free for athletes):

Basic subscription:15€/month
1-10 athletes:5€/athlete/month
11-20 athletes:4€/athlete/month
>20 athletes:2€/athlete/month

Choice of subscription for athletes:

Aïto8,90€/month - To resolve your training load issues.
Senshi14,90€/month - To create your own training plan.

Nos Athlètes

To date, we have been able to convince well-known professionnal triathletes to join us as international supports. Immediately enchanted by the project, they were excited to reach new objectives thanks to Gutaï. That is why they decided to use the app for the next Hawaii race. Let's have some introductions!

  • Ironman Copenhangen Champion
  • Ironman Mexico Champion

  • Challenge Copenhangen Champion

  • Ironman 70.3 Budapest Champion
  • 2x Triathlon European Champion
  • Triathlon World Champion

  • Ironman Mexico Champion
  • Ironman Austria Champion
  • Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote Champion
  • 2x ITU long distance triathlon World Champion

  • Ironman 70.3 Pays d'Aix Champion